Design ideas to get into summer mood

As the summer is approaching and the weather is clearing up, also our mood tends to brighten up. Our energy levels rise and the world looks more optimistic when soaked in the natural sunlight. No wonder that the change of seasons is often the trigger to introduce some changes into our apartments that would reflect our improved mood. To help you with the transition into the more cheerful time of the year, we’ve created a list of top 5 summer interior design ideas to get into summer mood.

Summer Interior Design Ideas

1.   Crazy prints

There is no easier way to get into summer mood then surrounding yourself with upbeat fauna and flora. Invite them into your apartment in the form of colorful prints you can use on walls, upholstery or as decorations. Designers are competing against each other to introduce the craziest prints. The trend is not new – the famous Martinique Wallpaper in Beverly Hills Hotel, featuring palm tree and banana leaves, is over 50 years old and has been featured in many movies and photo sessions. You can introduce some old-school Hollywood glamour into your apartment also with less bold details like pillows or duvets with banana leaves patterns. Other humorous motives under the trend spotlight include pineapples, parrots and flamingoes. Sometimes it’s refreshing to take your design less seriously and introduce some humor into otherwise safe or minimalist decors.

Crazy prints summer interior designPicture by Interiorator

2.   Natural materials

Rough, unhewn wood has made its way to our apartments quite a while ago, together with the rising popularity of clean and minimalist Scandinavian design. Furnishings from lighter natural materials like rattan or bamboo will take you out into the wild without even leaving your house. Rattan, a close relative of the palm tree, typical for jungles of South Eastern region, is much stronger and resistant than it looks like. Contrary to bamboo, it has a solid core center and monochrome color. The bamboo, on the other hand, has a hollow core center and distinctive dark ridges where leaves were attached. Other popular summer interior design idea is incorporating some wicker elements. Although they have been traditionally used as porch, terrace or outdoor furniture, they also made a stay under our rooftops as decorative items. Now wicker seating, beds, tables and casegoods are woven out also from synthetic fibres which makes them more affordable in terms of price and more colorful and versatile when it comes to style. Summer Design Natural MaterialsPicture by VISIONAPARTMENTS, Otto-Braun-Strasse, Berlin

3.   Let plants in

Buying a potted plant or putting some fresh-cut flowers in a vase is a simple and easy way to let summer into your apartment. If you have had bad experiences with plants so far and it was difficult for you to keep them alive, try succulent plants or cacti that store water and don’t require so much of your attention. It’s common knowledge that plants make us feel happier and more relaxed and it’s easier to unwind in the greenery that in the minimalist and cold space. From the aesthetic point of view, the juxtaposition of modern clean lines and simplicity with chaotic and entangled lines of nature is a simple way to make your interiors unique, not only in the summer.

Summer Design Ideas - Let plants inVia apartmenttherapy

4.   Escape the heat

Nordic charm continues to be a theme in 2016. When the heat is rising, step into the cool minimalist interiors. You can recreate the simplicity of Scandinavian theme with a cool, bright color palette and straight lines. Natural materials like wooden furnishings and accessories made of fur or wool will add some coziness and make the interiors more livable. An easy trick to make your room more Scandi-looking is to remove lampshades and go for bare light bulbs as a source of light. Not only is this super trendy right now, but also will make your space look brighter and therefore bigger. If you are still not convinced by the decluttered design and you find it too cold, you can also spice it up with some funny prints on pillows and duvets – colorful textiles in the 60s pop art style, for example by Marimekko, are also part of the Scandinavian style.

Summer Design Ideas Escape The HeatVia Fresh Design Pedia

5.   Burst of color

Summer interior design ideas are all about aligning forms with their functions, but when it comes to colors you can unleash your creativity. In 2016 trends’ palette, bold colors aren’t reserved only for children’s rooms. On the contrary, adding a pop of color to otherwise monochromatic interiors is a great way to make them more unique and stylish. Some pairs of colors work particularly well together, for example grey with yellow or violet. However, don’t restrain yourself by trusted solutions and choose colors that make you feel good. After all, summer is all about vibrant colors and good mood.

Summer Design Ideas Burst of ColorPicture by VISIONAPARTMENTS, Militärstrasse, Zurich

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