Plants are a powerful tool in your design arsenal. They are decorative and, just like the best furniture and home accessories, can be functional too. They are a proven method to bring in a touch of summer mood into your interiors and break the lines of predictable forms. Whereas cut flowers are temporary, well-groomed plants can stay with you longer, liven up the interiors and improve your mood. Arrange your plants in a creative way and they will serve you as real organic sculptures. Here are some of our ideas how to decorate your apartment with plants.

Wall of plants

Walls of plants, also called living walls or vertical gardens, is a beautiful yet costly idea. The concept involves planting greenery directly into the structure of the wall and allowing plants to root in a structural support which is fastened to the wall itself. If it sounds like too much endeavor, you can go for a simpler option. Use a bookcase but instead of books put potted plants on the shelves. It would constitute a perfect decoration or serve you as a partition in the middle of the room. It is an inventive way to divide the space and delineate different parts of the room.


If you sometimes have the impression that your minimalist, modern interiors are too clean and predictable, go for a dramatic twist. Incorporate a whole tree or a raw trunk reaching from floor to the ceiling. It doesn’t have to be a real plant, wide selection of artificial plants available online proves that contemporary synthetic materials closely resemble real life trees. If you go for decorating with an oversize plant it’s smart to make it mobile and put it on a platform with wheels. In this way you will be able to easily move it when you need to vacuum or protect it from too much sunlight. Interior trees are usually placed in pots which give you another possibility to get creative – when choosing stylish indoor planters.

Potted tree inside the room

Own creations

Putting multiple different plants in one container is like creating your own living still life. Mix colors, textures and sizes to create a customized organic sculpture. Apart from plants you can also choose with what material you will cover the soil. It can be gravel or sand in one of many colors. If you will go for a transparent plant holder, the decorative effect wouldn’t be limited to the green foliage.

Create own compositions of plants

Hanging gardens

This is a perfect solution if you live in a small flat but still are into decorating with plants. You might even not have a spare surface to put your flowerpot upon but you don’t necessarily need it. Hang a container from the ceiling and let the plants spill out of it in a natural way. From a practical point of view, you might worry about some uncontrolled leaking or problems with drainage. However, if you choose a nutrient rich soil that is right for your plant and hang it in the place with the optimal exposure to sunlight, it shouldn’t be a problem.

Hanging plants in decorative pots

Plants in the bathroom

Bathroom is not an obvious location for plants. However, a little twist in interior design never does no harm. Especially that plants love low light and high humidity that permeate most bathrooms. Some of the best plants for low light environments are bamboo, orchids, snake plants and spider plants.

Bathroom decorated with a potted plant

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