Useful gadgets every business traveller should have at hand

Travelling on business is not as glamorous as people who don’t have to do it may imagine. Pursuing deadlines while moving back and forth from airports, meetings, hotels and then back to airports can be tiring. You waste a lot of time travelling between these places, especially as public transport cannot be trusted and waiting time at the airport equals eternity. In fact, not many people like living out of a suitcase. We all prefer to stay connected to our colleagues and family and have something we can rely on. We asked VISIONAPARTMENTS business travellers what are their favorite gadgets that help them stay organized, productive and stress-free. Here is their list.

Power bank

We often use our phones more when we travel. However frequent checking of maps, calendars and emails while on the move can leave you with a drained a battery. A pocket sized power bank can give your phone or tablet enough battery power so you don’t get stuck with a dead phone at the exact moment when you have to make a phone call or answer e-mails. You can choose between power banks of different shapes, sizes and power capacities. The branded power banks we have distributed as a give-away during various industry fairs are rechargeable and serve all mobile devices including tablets and iPods. No wonder they disappeared like hot cakes.

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Portable WiFi

Each time when we travel and enter new offices, restaurants etc. we catch ourselves asking – do you have WiFi here? Imagine you can avoid the fear of missing out and simply always carry the Internet with you. Let alone you can forget about excessive costs of data roaming or security concerns that come to play every time you use a free WiFi hotspot. Pocket-sized portable WiFi routers enable you to set up your own secure WiFi network, wherever you are. They are compatible with all devices including phones, laptops, tablets, iPads or even games consoles and cameras.

Great suitcase

An useful advice we can give to the fellow business travellers is to use the hand luggage option to the maximum. When you don’t have any checked baggage you can skip the waiting in the baggage claim area and leave the airport immediately. However, remember that every airline has different hand luggage size restrictions. In most cases it’s 8 kg. If you want to make sure your baggage doesn’t exceed it, choose a hard-sided one, made from an ultra-lightweight plastic. Don’t forget about details like handles, wheels and other things you must consider when choosing a perfect suitcase. Besides you will thank yourself for having less to carry around.

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Noise-canceling headphones

As a business traveller you are constantly surrounded by people. It’s difficult to relax and gather thoughts in the hustle and bustle of the crowd. Noise-canceling headphones block out the majority of external sounds and can make concentrating or falling asleep in the noisy means of transport easier. Forget about increasing the volume of music when it’s really noisy around you – it may work temporarily but in the long run it strains your ears and can cause headaches. Noise canceling headphones will help you relax on the go and you arrive to work with a clear head.

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A bottle of water

Staying healthy and energetic is always important, not only during business travels. You have probably heard thousand times how important it is to stay hydrated. You can experience symptoms of dehydration like headaches, dizziness and concentration problems even only after a few hours without drinking. Additionally, remember that some drinks like coffee, black tea or sodas are actually dehydrating. The best option is to always have a bottle of water with you. If you want to avoid the additional load of a 0,5 liter bottle, you can purchase a reusable filtration bottle which filters and removes water contaminants as you drink. It’s working principle is simple – it’s equipped with a carbon filter you must exchange every 2 months. You can carry an empty bottle with you and fill it with tap water every time you have access to it. You save the money you would otherwise spend on bottled water and help the environment by producing less plastic waste.

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