Transform your bathroom in a home spa

We all have such moments when we wish we could get away from everyday life and burrow ourselves in a tranquil place far away from the hustle and bustle. From time to time we have the opportunity to visit a spa resort and give in to a professional treatment. On other days we must take care of ourselves and try to unwind with the use of resources we have at home. With a little effort you can create a home spa in your very own bathroom which will be nothing short of an authentic, costly facility. VISIONAPARTMENTS designers have mastered the recipe for creating stylish bathrooms equipped with all the amenities that make guests feel relaxed and cozy – just like in a real wellness area.

Nature-inspired interior design

If your goal is creating a peaceful, harmonious space, avoid bold colors, crazy decorations or too much extravagance – anything that could distract you. Try to create continuity by using monochromatic tiles in bright colors from floor to ceiling. The recently popular large format tiles are perfect for creating an impression of a large, airy space. Add a touch of luxury by choosing noble materials like marble or granite.

bathroom in a serviced apartmentVISIONAPARTMENTS, Vienna, Grinzinger Allee When we think of traditional wellness facilities like Finnish saunas, Russian banyas or Japanese onsen, there is one interior design feature that they have in common – wood planks or slats. Follow this centuries-old convention and add wooden elements to your stone-cold bathroom. It will make the interiors look warmer and more inviting. A safe and stylish solution is using a wooden board under a bowl-shaped washbasin or a decorative ladder as a stand for towels or toiletries.

Small things create great atmosphere

You don’t have to redecorate the entire bathroom to get the spa-like feeling. Sometimes it’s the small accessories that can bring out the potential out of an average bathroom. The inherent equipment of a professional spa are fluffy, warm towels and bathrobes you can wrap yourself in after a long bath. VISIONAPARTMENTS designers have mastered the art of creating soft and pleasant textiles that are available for our guests in the apartments as well as in the online shop. Another effective way to create a spa-like mood in the bathroom is to surround yourself with pleasant aromas. You can choose flowers for a natural smell and as a decoration that will match bathroom’s interior design. Fresh-cut lilies of the valley, orchids, roses and violets will fill the bathroom with a beautiful yet fleeting aroma. For a more long-lasting effect light up aromatic candles. Additionally, you can dim the overhead lights for a more intimate wellness experience. VISIONAPARTMENTS provides guests with signature fragrant diffusers in stylish bottles that fill the interiors with warm scent and add a touch of elegance wherever you decide to put them. The sultry, warm and luxurious vanilla fragrance fills the interiors with soft sweetness tempered by a luscious amber core that can last for months.

zapachLast but not least, to make yourself feel more comfortable in the bathtub, purchase a special bathtub pillow that you can fasten with suction cups and it will stay securely at place while you rest your head and relax your neck. Now you know the secret of our home spa essentials – so light up the candles, place a fluffy towel at hand and fill the bathtub with few drops of your favorite essential oil. We recommend lavender for its calming properties. All set – you’re ready to swim away to total tranquility.SaveSave

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