Shared offices and coworking spaces break into the mainstream

Coworking is becoming an increasingly common style of work for professionals of independent occupations who share a common working environment. Freelancers and business travellers accommodated in one office appreciate the kick of synergy they get from working together. With walls of cubicles pulled down, employees can benefit from networking, draw inspiration and motivation from one another and save money on rentals.

The rise of labor mobility

Co-working spaces are safe havens for contemporary business nomads. Nowadays, people no longer work in one company and in one office during their entire career but rather constantly develop, look for new opportunities and live their life on the move. Also corporations are no longer limited to one country but have branches spread all around the global village and their employees circulating between them. The mobile workforce can find a perfect business lodging and a home away from home in serviced apartments  which are fully furnished and equipped with Internet connection. However, many business travellers and freelancers complain about the feeling of isolation and the ease of getting distracted they experience in the home office. In search for a better working environment, they tend to hang around in cafes where they can find company but, on the other hand, the noisy, non-working others surely don’t help to find new leads or sketch a business plan. The perfect solution that accommodates all the needs of business travellers are dedicated coworking spaces.

Optimal offices for business travellers

Coworking spaces are work-oriented common offices leasable by days, months or hours. They are available for workers of different professions. All users get the full working station package – WiFi, unlimited coffee and colleagues they can go for lunch with included. There is no need to organize all these elements separately – ordering Internet, office furniture, printer etc. which can be problematic, for example, if you intend to spend only a week working in one city. Some spaces also provide conference rooms equipped with projectors and display screens, where you can hold meetings, workshops etc. Flexible rental periods make coworking spaces financially profitable. The presence of variously skilled workers provides many opportunities for networking and knowledge-sharing during a small chat in the lounge area or by the coffee machine. All things considered, no wonder that this working style is gaining popularity. According to the Global Working Survey 2016 the number of coworking spaces continues to increase and in the last twelve months has grown by 36%, which amounts to around 7,800 working units worldwide. VISIONAPARTMENTS has noticed this trend in advance and developed the Shared Offices – now open and available for rent in Zurich.

Shared Offices in Zurich are now open

VISIONAPARTMENTS tenants and external guests can choose from three open-plan workstations and five lockable offices covering a total of 70 m². The weekly rates, starting from CHF 350, include Wi-Fi and cleaning. For more information about the Shared Offices as well as any booking inquiries, please click here. Enjoy a first glimpse into VISIONAPARTMENTS’ new world of Shared Offices below.

Shared Offices Coworking space in ZurichTime for a break or a chat? The entrance area features a kitchen with a microwave, fridge, coffee machine and tea maker. Next to it tenant will find a flat screen TV and a multi-function printer.

Shared Offices Coworking Spaces in ZurichIn the cozy lounge, tenants may work in a peaceful environment or relax with a cup of coffee. Newspapers and magazines are available.

Shared Offices Coworking Spaces in ZurichThe open-plan desks have a bright and friendly design, and come with basic office supplies. It’s easy for tenants to meet interesting contacts and benefit from creative synergies thanks to the open design.

Shared Offices Coworking Spaces in ZurichEach of the private offices is furnished with two desks and chairs, and separated by a glass door. That gives you the privacy you need to work without distractions.

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