Professional bloggers reveal how they travel the world

For professional bloggers every journey is in fact a business trip. Even if they travel privately, they keep their camera on standby and eyes open for new, interesting places and experiences. Their lives may seem to be permanent vacations but don’t get fooled by the appearances – they also suffer from inconveniences of travel. We have asked bloggers who stayed at VISIONAPARTMENTS about different travel experiences, adventures and what they could not travel without.

Travelling the world

The bloggers we have interviewed admitted to spending up to a quarter of their year travelling. This literally means that they live out of their stylish suitcases they can almost leave unpacked. Just like the true business travellers, they never part without their trusted business travel gadgets that serve as their work tools, such as laptops, smartphones, cameras, chargers and power banks. However, unlike other travelling professionals, they are always ready to capture the moment and turn it into a piece of content. This means that their bags are heavy with spare outfits, shoes for change, make-up kits and hair styling products in order to always be ready to stand behind or in front of the camera.

home for frequent travellerPicture by Eatbetternotless

We do what we love most

Even though taking up a lot of time, travelling is the part all our interviewees love the most about their job as a professional blogger but also the part they spend the most money for. For most of them blogging is at first a hobby that takes most of their free time and is an investment with no certainty of return. Olga from Lost in Daydreams confesses that it’s difficult to balance professional life and blogging. It requires a lot of discipline to stay productive and produce interesting content regularly.  Then, if their blogs become successful, just like in case of Geri from Ask The Monsters or Anja from SchuSchu Blog, it becomes their full-time job. However, it doesn’t mean that their life gets easier – actually that’s the point where all the hard work and struggle begin.

Geri in VISIONAPARTMENTSPicture by AskTheMonsters

Blogging is serious work

It takes at least a one full day to create a professional blog post. Behind every photo you see on the blog there are at least 15 failed photo attempts, few hours of preparations (outfit planning, make-up, travelling, arranging the setting) and then photo editing. Minea from Aenymblaze mentions the office work as part of being a blogger, like creating quality text that goes with the photos, answering e-mails, managing social media channels, business meetings and accounting that also takes hours. Preparing a blog post also involves conceptual work – inventing a scene that is unique and hasn’t been presented on your own or other blogs before. It’s a challenge to create a visually appealing blog post with informative, quality content and a product placement that only slips through and doesn’t disturb the reader’s experience.

Blogger in VISIONAPARTMENTSPicture by Aenymblaze

My blog is my business

All our interviewees agree that having a blog is actually having your own business and just like in case of any business, there are work partners, competitors and market trends. Our bloggers admit that when blogging becomes a serious occupation, managing all tasks alone wouldn’t be possible. SchuSchu Blog is in fact a joint project of Anja and her boyfriend Liridion, who takes the pictures. Olga from Lost in Daydreams mentions the help of her sister who is a photographer, and Geri from Ask The Monsters reveals that it’s her business partners who stand behind the camera. The competition between bloggers is also a crack on their perfect media image and a common cliche. The Internet is limitless and new young influencers constantly flow into the business. However, their presence is often fleeting as they focus too much on Instagram and provocative poses rather than quality, informative content that is appreciated by readers and brands. Only those bloggers who take their job seriously are here to stay. They usually make up a supportive community who work and travel together or keep in touch to share their know-how and experiences.

Anja in VISIONAPARTMENTS in ViennaPicture by SchuSchu

Temporary homes around the globe

Bloggers are the true business nomads. When we asked them where they feel at home they said that the whole world is their home or they mentioned more than one city or country. Therefore they pay a lot of attention to a comfortable accommodation wherever they travel – a place that could serve as their temporary home. They value independence and privacy and choose fully furnished serviced apartments. Spacious apartment with focus on interior design, providing a lot of space to shoot inside and a stylish background for lifestyle photos is what they are looking for. They also appreciate the possibility to cook their own meals at home and value central locations that help them to save time on travelling to photo shooting sets. Many people wonder if bloggers get their premium accommodation, food or clothes for free in exchange for nice pictures and positive reviews on their blogs – our interviewees didn’t deny. When they travel on a commission the client reimburses for the travel costs, hotel and food or allows them to keep the merchandise they promoted as a present. We gained insights into the lives of professional bloggers thanks to the inputs by Minea and Anja who stayed in VISIONAPARTMENTS in Vienna and Geri who stayed with us in Berlin. Olga will stay with us in Berlin very soon and we are curious to read her travel journey.

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