It’s this time of the year again, where the nature charms us with splendid colors and our homes tempt with warm and cozy atmosphere. And not to forget: it’s the season of Halloween! What better way to combine these conveniences than to be creative and handcraft some Halloween decoration? We show you some great and spooky do it yourself ideas for your home. Even though or especially because Halloween is not as big in Europe as in America, opinions tend to differ sharply when it comes to this celebration on 31 October. How about you, do you celebrate Halloween or are you an antagonist of these kind of customs? One thing is for sure, if you are a costume lover or a creative mind you have to love Halloween, it’s the perfect opportunity to get inventive! As a nice contrast to always have to look perfect, once a year it’s desired to look as creepy as possible – the same counts for your home. Buying costumes and decoration, anyone can do that! We recommend you to spend a day at your cozy home and get out your toolbox.

Haunt your house

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If you are a real Halloween fan and want people to notice already from outside your house, you have a great deal of potential. A nice and easy way to impress an scare folks likewise is to decorate your door with a themed wreath. You can be very creative here – from Dark Raven, Googly Eyes, Festive Ornament to Season’s Greetings or Natural Fall Wreath. Give your door a personal Halloween touch. Another spooky option are Window Silhouettes. Simply print and cut your favorite silhouette on black paper and stick it to your window. People will think your house is haunted. You can use templates of witches, cats, bats or draw your own scary silhouette.

Halloween wreathPicture by Sew In Love

Scary Key Pieces

Are you rather the less is more type when it comes to decoration? Super scary Halloween decoration doesn’t have to be a lot of work, also small details can have a great effect. Since Halloween celebrates the dark side it’s a good idea to play with contrasts, like lights in the dark. The easiest way is to pimp a basic light chain with spooky ghosts. If you have some spare toilet paper rolls, all you need is a scissor and glow sticks to create pretty cool Glowing Eyes. A Halloween classic are Lanterns and Luminaries. You can use simple jars, plastic bottles, cans, paper bags or pumpkins – basically everything you can find at home – to turn into fancy lights. The pumpkin has become an important symbol for Halloween and can be used multi-functional. Find some creative ideas for pumpkin carving or other options to turn a pumpkin in an eye-catcher. If you want to create a super creepy accessory you can keep the whole year around this key holder is the perfect thing for your home.

dolls-key-holderPicture by homedit

Halloween Party Decoration

While some people prefer hitting the streets with their pumpkin shaped buckets in search of candy on Halloween, don’t dismiss the usefulness of hosting a party instead. It’s the perfect opportunity to decorate your place with spooky accents and seasonal colors as well as suitable plants and flowers. Whether you are having a seated Dinner or a casual party the table where the food is served should be your center piece. Set up a dramatic Halloween table setting or other party themed decor. In combination with spooky homemade treats and great costumes your Halloween party will not be forgotten.

Halloween Table DecorationPicture by Yellow Bliss Road

If you are not so much into decorating or don’t want to get your place all crowded with people and food but still want to dress up and celebrate Halloween you either need somebody to invite you to their party or attend a public Halloween party. Bigger cities, such as Berlin or Warsaw offer a plethora of Halloween parties for all needs and wishes. Why not do a little city trip for Halloween? Grab your suitcase with a great costume, some friends and get this party started. Happy Halloween!   SaveSave

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