The Secrets of Professional Business Travellers

In this age of mobility, many of us have to travel for work. Projects abroad, workshops, meetings with international clients have become a part of work rather than an exception. If you have ever been at the mercy of your airlines, waiting for a delayed flight bored to death or lugging heavy bags only to realize that you have forgotten your laptop charger, you know that business travelling is a doubtful pleasure. However, there are some people that don’t seem to be bothered by the stresses of travel. They rush through the airport looking as perfect as if they were cut out of the pages of a business travel magazine and have everything under control. Learn what tricks they use to stay so calm.

They pack well

The awareness that you have all you need with you and you haven’t forgotten anything is a secret behind a professional business traveller’s peace of mind. You can also be so laid back if you pack in advance and with a plan in mind rather than in the very last minute. In fact, the successful packing process starts with choosing the perfect suitcase. If you must take a lot of items with you, it’s recommended to choose a durable hard-sided and lightweight plastic suitcase. You can pack it to the brim and it will still keep its form and save your clothes from creasing. On the other hand, if you don’t take much with you, a soft-sided bag would be more flexible and you will be able to squeeze it into overhead compartment or under your chair. Check the weather in your destination beforehand to know what clothes to take with you. Also consider how many days you will spend away from your wardrobe. If you plan to stay in a serviced apartment, you don’t have to stock up with clothes for the time you are away as you will have the opportunity to use the laundry service. Don’t take too much with you, be prepared for the events you have planned and try to take universal clothes – that match many outfits. There are also some trusted and useful business travel gadgets that will help you to decrease stress and make maximum use of your time during any potential delay.

They travel with purpose

Frequent business travellers know that sometimes the perspective of leaving home and spending hours on a plane only to get to another office or business meeting is far from encouraging. To combat this negative thinking, professional business travellers set clear and attainable goals for every business trip. It adds meaning and significance to their efforts. It can be acquiring a new business partner, closing a deal or attending a workshop. Apart from that, think about giving yourself a little bonus like finding a cool restaurant for lunch or getting some local delicacies to enjoy during your way back. Moreover, traveling for business might give you the chance to explore hotspots of cool cities like Berlin or Warsaw you would not necessarily visit on leisure trips.

They don’t need to worry about business lodging

Booking hotels is a stressful part of business travelling. You don’t know the topography of the city, but still you need to find a location close to work, the airport, transport links and with restaurants and grocery stores around the corner. Unless your employer has put you in good hands of a travel management company, you need to arrange it all by yourself. How do professional business travellers deal with it? One method is to have a trusted furnished apartments provider who offers accommodation in different cities around the world. Regardless of your next business trip destination, you know that this company will guarantee a comfortable, all-inclusive stay. Moreover, if you are a frequent guest, you may benefit from a loyalty program and use some discounts. Serviced and furnished apartments are a great option for corporate guests who need a privacy of home during a business trip. Fully equipped kitchen and bathroom, WIFi connection, weekly cleaning and other services upon request will take some stress off the busy business traveller’s shoulders.

They keep their work-life balance

To stay focused and at ease, experienced business travellers keep their daily routines or at least try to find time to take care of their private life. They keep in touch with their family and friends, work-out or read a favorite book in the evening. Having the opportunity to cook your own meal can also help to feel more relaxed after a stressful day. Take every opportunity to make your life on the road feel like your life at home. Give yourself a break and you will be more productive afterwards.

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