Christmas decorations trends to light up your home

Christmas aesthetics seems to be governed by its own rules. In this special time of the year, even the most avid minimalists take a leap into the world of sparkle, glitter and fluff. By the end of December we are already tired of all the gloom and cold outside and hunger for something comforting and joyful. Christmas season comes to our rescue and cheers us up. Let’s give in to the Christmas charm and warm ourselves up by its glamour. We present you an overview of the most beautiful Christmas decorations trends of 2016.

Noble colors

In 2016 interior designers reach for other colors than the traditional red, white and green. Rather than by the colors of Santa’s sleigh or the Advent’s wreath, they are inspired by the glittering snowflakes, candlelight or ruby mulled wine. Decorations in the jewelry hues of silver, golden and ruby-red create a truly festive mood in the contemporary modern and minimalist interiors. With only a few statement pieces, you can turn your Scandinavian living room into a royal chamber. This year, designers also introduce new glittering colors like rose gold, bronze or copper. They harmonize perfectly with birch or oak wood respectively and are a nice variant of the more classic hues.

Christmas decorations golden, silver and ruby

White Christmas

As an opposite of the shimmering trend, designers offer the more subdued alternative and cover everything with the color of snow. The all-white decorations bring to mind the austere Scandinavian design. However, the Christmas version is the mix of white tones combining white, grey, silver and pearly. Rather than the raw mountain cottage, it resembles the palace of an Ice Queen. If you aren’t a fan of glitter, choose subtle decorative elements like photo frames, vases, chains or candles. Don’t reject the tongue-in-cheek decorations like winter dwarves or Santa figurines and snow globes. To make the atmosphere even more cozy, surround yourself with fluffy white pillows and fake fur blankets. In such interiors you can survive the winter gloom at home without the need to escape to romantic Christmas markets.

Christmas decorations trend all-white

Close to nature

Another prominent interior design trend for this year’s Christmas are decorations made of natural materials. This season “natural” is meant literally – decorations are created with raw wood, sticks, moss and stones. They look DIY but don’t be deceived by their basic components. It’s not simple to create an owl-shaped Christmas bauble made of sticks and cotton wool or a wooden house-shaped lantern. The use of natural materials is both stylish and environment-friendly so we are totally in!

St.Moritz Christmas Apartment

VISIONAPARTMENTS in Zurich, Wolframplatz during Christmas time


Cotton ball lights have been trending in interior design for the last few years in the form of chains hanging from walls, ceilings, shelves and bed frames. This season interior designers reach for something a bit similar – multicolored woolen pompoms that you can buy online or create yourself (there are many tutorials online). It’s up to your imagination how you want to style the pompoms. You can use them instead of glass balls on your Christmas tree or fill one transparent glass ball with colorful pompoms and create an original and personalized decoration. Other creative uses include stringing pompoms on a thread to create colorful chains and wreaths or trimming table cloths and napkins around the edges with pompoms. Whatever option you choose, pompoms can be a playful twist on the traditional Christmas decorations.

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