Travel like a pro with these useful air travel tips

For those who travel only for vacations, air travel might be an exciting thing. It means that a wonderful, carefree time is approaching – an escape from the normal life. Those who have to travel frequently for work are more demanding about the time spent in the plane and the airport. Frequent travelling means hours spent on waiting or worrying that there is not enough time, stress about delayed or canceled flights and waiting lines everywhere. But it doesn’t have to be this way. You don’t have to give up on business travel, because – after all – it makes life so much more interesting. A better solution is learning a few tricks that will ease the pain of business travel. Learn our travel tips for frequent flyers.

Be kind to your fellow travellers

We start from stating the obvious. It’s a well-known fact that if you approach life with a positive attitude, life tends to show you its brighter side. And so do passengers on the airplane. Passengers who are rude to the flight crew and others are the biggest travel annoyance. It’s good to remember that every passenger wants to have a smooth and pleasant flight. Sometimes little things that seem normal to us, like for example occupying too much of the overhead space, allowing children to behave loudly or snoring, can become other people’s nuisance.

The same applies to respecting the work of flight attendants. The cabin crew is doing their best to ensure you’re safe and comfortable. Leave your seat only when there is no risk of bumping into a flight attendant with a cart in the aisle. Also remember to follow all the instructions of the cabin crew and don’t summon the staff for no serious reason. Finally, read our list of useful gadgets every business traveller should have at hand and get to know the essential items that will for sure improve your air travel experience. Test them yourself!

Sign up for a frequent flyer program

If you know you’re going to be traveling a lot in the upcoming year and you have your favorite airline, it’s highly recommended to enroll in a frequent flyer program. These programs allow you to collect points that you can later exchange for various bonuses. With enough points, you can get a free class upgrade or even a free flights. VISIONAPARTMENTS has a partnership with Miles&More, the largest frequent flyer program in Europe. Each member who stays with VISIONAPARTMENTS for at least 30 days will receive one mile for every Euro or Swiss Franc they spend for their booking.

Travel tips for frequent flyers

Be careful with your luggage

As you pack for your trip remember about the list of items that you can’t carry into the plane. There are some interesting cases when you can carry something in your hand luggage but not in the checked-in luggage (safety matches) or vice versa (corkscrew). Having to dig through all of your clothes at the security gate just to get to that one small item is never a good experience. Another thing you can easily check at home is the weight of your bag. Just check the weight limit of the airline and put your packed suitcase on your scale. And one more thing – when you have finally found your perfect suitcase and you shiver with fear at the very thought that it might get damaged, mark it with the “fragile” sticker. Thanks to this little trick, your suitcase will be treated with care and placed on the top of piles, instead of the bottom.

Get travel tips from useful apps

If you aren’t excited about flying anymore, it can get quite boring. During the long hours spent on the airport or in the plane can get pretty dull. To make sure you’re getting your travel right and having all the information you need quickly, check out our list of the most useful apps for business travellers. Booking an apartment, arranging transport, parking space or concierge service can be done with a few clicks.

Turn off your electronic device. Really, just do it.

This reminder actually still belongs to the previous point about politeness and good manners. The ban on the use of electronic devices during take-off and landing is a well-known fact. Unfortunately, it’s also common that people secretly send a quick message or sneak in a short call when the flight attendant is not watching. Maybe the airplane won’t crash but the energy that phones radiate could cause interference with navigation systems. This means that the work of aircraft communications, flight control, navigational and other onboard electronics could be disturbed. Consider whether that short text message or that last e-mail is worth the risk.

Keep your well-being in check

Some people suffer from travel sickness – a malady that doesn’t wear off as you start to travel more often. Air travel is something our organisms will never get used to because it is not natural for the human species. However hard the scientists may try to imitate the earth conditions in the air, they cannot stop our nasal passages from drying out and our taste buds from getting dull. This is one of the reasons why the airplane food has such a bad reputation. It’s not the matter of the ingredients but the way we experience food in the pressurized conditions. In the cabin our olfactory sensors are dulled and we can’t taste the flavor. A common sense remedy is eating a nutritious meal before the flight, and keeping yourself well-hydrated in the cabin.

Moreover, if you blame the turbulences for your air malaise, a good air travel tip is to choose the early morning flights. Scientists claim that as the ground heats up into the day, it increases the possibility of thunderstorms and consequently the risk of turbulences. If you haven’t figured it out yourself yet, the seats parallel to the wings are the ones exposed to the least turbulence. It’s the place where the up and down movement is less intense.

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