Discover charming Swiss cities only a short train journey away from Zurich

Surrounded by beautiful nature, towering Alps and a gorgeous lake, Zurich also amazes visitors with its cosmopolitan spirit. Anyone who has followed our insider guide for Zurich will appreciate the city’s high living standards combined with tranquility and a little town’s charm. However, other Swiss cities are attractive holiday destinations too.


According to the government of the Canton, as quoted in this Guardian article, there are 27,000 companies registered in Zug – one for every man, woman and child. Statistically, this leaves only a few hundred non-CEO citizens. The city is a safe haven for companies looking for low tax rates and a favorable climate for businesses. However, not only business people besiege the Zug’s city gate.

Thanks to its central location, it’s a popular tourist destination and a respite for locals. The visitors like to take a stroll down the Old Town which impresses with its medieval charm. The cobbled streets of the Old Town will take you down to the shore of Lake Zug. There you can rent a boat and sail around the lake. The symbol of the city is the Zytturm – a 13th century guard tower which now serves as an observation deck. The view from the 52-meter tall tower encompasses the whole city, the lake and the Alps, leaving the observer enchanted by the beauty of the Swiss landscape.

After the sightseeing, don’t forget to visit some cafés. Try the local specialty – the Kirschtorte cake, flavored with cherry brandy called Kirschwasser. In this picturesque city enclosed by the Alps and Lake Zug, VISIONAPARTMENTS offers 64 units in a brand new building. ew and book our new furnished apartments in Zug on

Lausanne – St. Sulpice area

St. Sulpice is a small Swiss town to the west of Lausanne, sprawling along the shores of Lake Geneva. Visitors are usually drawn by its countryside atmosphere, beautiful alpine landscapes and tranquility. This combined with swift and convenient transport links to Lausanne, Geneva, Vevey or Montreux, make St. Sulpice a popular choice among business travelers who want to escape the hustle and bustle of a big city. Tourists are also attracted by the Romanesque church dated back to the 12th century. It’s one of the oldest churches in Switzerland.

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Vevey is one of the most beautiful Swiss cities. It’s located on the north shore of Lake Geneva, also known as the Swiss Riviera. Vevey is a dream city for avid hikers, cyclists and swimmers. The town’s lakeside location, Alpine panoramas and surrounding vineyards make it a great holiday destination. Tourists are particularly fond of organized wine tours that combine hiking through the vineyards, learning about wine making and history with wine tasting.

The emblem of the city is a giant fork protruding from the lake. It matches perfectly the nutrition museum Alimentarium located at the shore behind it. The building was once the headquarters of Nestlé and Anglo-Swiss Condensed Milk Company established by Henri Nestle, the mastermind behind the milk chocolate. It’s full of interactive exhibitions presenting all facets of the human diet. Not far from the museum, you will discover the statue of Charlie Chaplin. The Hollywood star was so impressed with the Swiss city that he spent 25 years of his life there and is commemorated by the museum dedicated to his life and work – the Chaplin’s World, located on his former country estate. Another museum worth visiting in Vevey is Musée Jenisch which exhibits a vast collection of art work on paper by Dürer, Goya, Degas, Picasso and other prominent artists.

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