10 Ways to give your apartment a facelift – without spending a fortune.

The feeling of change – we all have it sometimes. When you find some time after a long week of work and look at your apartment with the thought of changing it, get inspired by some of the tips below to give your place a fresh look. Oh, and don’t worry about the budget – new furniture won’t be needed. You don’t have to spend a fortune! A few minor adjustments in your home can sometimes make a bigger difference than a new table or an expensive chair.

Less is more.

Do you still need this shelf in the corner? When was the last time you used your guitar? Sometimes we don’t realize that by simply tidying up, your apartment will feel more roomy and welcoming. Start by sorting out the piece of furniture that gets used the least and free up some additional space. This also gives you a chance to try out different furniture arrangements and switch things up.

What about some flowers?

Plants and flowers are not only a good way to cheer up your space, but they also help to purify the air. Haven’t had any in a while? Brighten up your living room by decorating your dining table or windowsill with some colorful plants, or simply hang them on a wall or the ceiling. A basic grocery store bouquet will add some color and scent to your bedroom too. You can find some vases here:  https://goo.gl/cm983m

add some plants to your apartment

Change the lights.

Reconfigure the lights in your home and brighten up every corner of your rooms. Put your lamp in a dark corner to optically enlarge your space, and bring your most liked decorations in the spotlight. Remember those candles you bought last year? Use them in your home to create a warm and cozy atmosphere. Thanks to the scent, the room will smell glorious and you will feel much calmer. Of course, don’t forget to visit your basement – it’s the place where all the treasures are hidden, and with some luck, you may find an almost forgotten lamp that could illuminate your home. Once you’re done rearranging, you will see your apartment in a completely different light.

Art is the key.

Do you feel like your home looks particularly boring lately? You probably have some extra piece of art somewhere, that can add some colorful delights to a plain white wall. If the frame looks outdated, you can simply upgrade it by adding a new coat of color to it, or if need be, replace it. If it’s not framed yet, you can use binder clips and make one on your own to inexpensively put your art piece on display. Nice art ideas :  https://goo.gl/w2jU2g

art is the key to a beautiful apartment

Update the kitchen without spending a fortune.

If you are tired of the standard white kitchen cabinets, think about adding some color or painting half of the cabinets for a high-contrast, fresh look. You can get it by painting only the bottom cabinets and leaving the upper-ones white. Don’t forget to also clean up in the cabinets; a beautiful vase may buried somewhere behind a huge pile of plates, just waiting to be accentuated. Again, no need to dig deep in your pockets.

DIY projects.

Do it yourself – why always buying new things, if you can modify or build things by yourself? We all have many unused items lying around in our homes or garages waiting to be thrown away. But you can give your old, outdated pillow a cheerful, self-made case. The faded wooden box just needs to be repainted, and the dresser could just use some fashionable handles. A lot of your stored away items can be transformed into wonderful creations. And again – you will probably spend just a little money on glue and pins.

Hang a mirror.

Your home appears small and dark, because your rooms do not get enough natural light? Hanging a mirror on the wall could be a gamechanger! It makes your flat appear more spacious, and helps distributing the lights throughout your apartment, especially if the mirror is opposite to a window. Thanks to the reflection, you will feel like there are two windows in your room and all of a sudden, your living area may be optically enlarged.

mirror in the apartment

Makeover your bed.

Sometimes, a simple change of pillowcases, old blankets and sheets can completely upgrade your whole bedroom. Maybe you have some spare fabric somewhere, and can even sew some of these items yourself. Different sizes of pillows, nicely matching your bedspread and top blanket will give your bedroom the desired style you are looking for. Depending on the colors and materials you choose, your bedroom will have a modern, minimalist, alpine, vintage or romantic feel. Click here for some bedding ideas: https://goo.gl/9SJa88

Change your curtains.

A fast way to change your room entirely are some new curtains. If many items and colors are displayed in the room, a calm color could balance the liveliness. A funky pattern on the other hand can add some spice to your interior. Again, you can do this at a reasonable cost; just get some chic fabric and sew them yourself.

bedroom with a sofa and blue painting on the wall

Install small shelves. 

Some of the best space hacks, that do not only bring additional storage space to the apartment, but also look great, are shelves. You can use floating shelves to expose a collection of decorative items and souvenirs, without having to drill too many holes in your walls. Another option is to repurpose boxes, and you can paint the back of it with different color patterns. No need to buy expensive shelves from furniture stores, you can also use an old piece of wood or little boxes. Some paint can add bright colors or patterns and with a few nails, a hammer and a drill, a new shelf can be installed. As you can see, creating a comfortable, cushy and cozy home can be so easy, so what are you waiting for? Good luck with making your apartment just as fabulous as you are!

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