Christmas time decorations for your apartment

Discover new ways to decorate your tree

Looking for some last-minute Christmas ideas that will bring the splendid sparkles to your apartment? Read our blog post and find out how to transform your apartment into a magic winter wonderland, simple and beautiful! There is a vast variety of Christmas tree decorations you can buy: some of them are very colorful, others more toned. Just pick your favourite colors and create a mix according to your personal taste. Don’t be afraid to use nontraditional colors! Pink elements with metallic gold will give your tree a modern and classy feel. Icy blue Christmas decor with the touch of silver, gray and gold will turn it into a fairy-tale dream.

If you would like to underline the fragrance of your Christmas tree, you can always hang some dried fruit or gingerbread ornaments on it. Of course, some pinecones made out of chocolate will not only turn your tree in an apple of your eye, but also be a delight for your taste buds. Would you prefer to decorate your tree in a less conventional way this year? You can avoid the traditional Christmas balls and use cute little ribbons instead. This original way of decorating will make your tree look more subtle and delicate. To tune it up even more, add some shiny elements. Why not put a crown as a topper or use a metallic base for the tree?

If you have any tourist attractions in your city, you could alway buy some local souvenirs and place them on your tree to give it a local look. On the other hand side, you can also transform your tree into a reminiscent memory of your own adventures, and hang souvenirs from your travels on the tree. If you are a fan of the vintage look, get yourself a vintage gift paper. Once all gifts are packed and exposed under the tree, you will surely feel a bit bad about unwrapping the beautiful presents, as they add the special something to the festive excitement. As you can see, there are many different ways to decorate your tree. In this matter, the sky is the limit!

Christmas tree in your serviced apartments

Christmas decoration tree

Add beautiful details

Have you ever heard about Christmas roses, which bloom during wintertime? This is a great way to break the Christmas tradition of poinsettias, as the perennials come in lots of colors. In case you have an empty vase somewhere, you should put a glorious smelling candle in it and position it on a window sill. It is impossible to imagine Christmas without the pleasant scent of candles! You can also tuck bunches of cinnamon sticks in a magnolia garland, which adds both texture and fragrance at the same time.  Another funky detail that will surely add a winterly spirit to your place are beautiful snowflakes, painted on your mirrors with removable markers. Last but not least, just repurpose the gift paper left-overs; wrap some books and expose them on your shelves to spread the joy throughout your whole space!

Decorations for Christmas

What about the bathroom?

Because we spend most of our time during the holidays in our cosy living rooms, bathroom decorations are often overlooked. To highlight every corner of your apartment, you should put up some cute Christmas towels in your bathroom. Maybe you have a robust, but still romantic lantern, that you can expose on a shelf and safely light up. Surely, your guests will appreciate your eye for details.

Christmas window decorations are a must in your apartment!

Don’t turn a blind eye to your windows! While decorating the outside of our homes is a long tradition, adding colors and lights to our windows can be equally impressive! But what is the best way to do it? There are many different ideas and styles to choose from. You can hang wreaths, ornaments, advent calendars or gifts behind the windows. If you are artsy, create some paper cuts, attach them to the windows and put a light behind it. We will guarantee you, the light effect at night is vibrant.Overall, lights are suitable for every window and great even after the holidays. If you don’t want to hang anything, decorate the windows with a small Christmas tree. Now, we wish you a wonderful Christmas and a happy new year!

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