Meet Helsinki – the city of saunas, snow and business accommodation


Amazing capital for business accommodation.

Helsinki is not only one of the great European capitals. It’s a must for you to visit while travelling across the Scandinavia. Just like Copenhagen, Oslo and Stockholm, it’s a city surrounded by the water. It has also two squares near the harbour. On the so-called “Market Square”, you can taste some fried fish and other delicious food. On “Senate Square”, you can climb up the steps of the Evangelical Lutheran Cathedral. Helsinki offers a lot of cultural activities. Many galleries and museums attract plenty of visitors every year. Definitely worth a visit is the Military Museum. It contains a fascinating account of the Winter War against the Soviet Union in 1939-40.

Serviced apartments in Helsinki, city of boats water and snow

Few facts about the city.

Helsinki is the largest city of Finland with a metropolitan population of over 1.4 million. This is one of Northern Europe’s most important political and commercial centres. As many national and international meetings and conventions are held in Helsinki. The city enjoys a great reputation as business destination. Approximately 75% of foreign companies that operate in Finland have settled in this region. The capital of Finland is also extremely inventive. It was recognized as the World Design Capital in 2012. It used design to revitalize urban areas while promoting innovative design. The city was the venue for the 1952 Summer Olympics and the 52nd Eurovision Song Contest.

Serviced apartments in Helsinki, snow and winter, cathedral

Modern design, great food and serviced apartments.

There are a few reasons why it’s worth seeing Helsinki. Doesn’t matter if you are there for pleasure or for business. First of all, the architecture and design of the city is simply impressive and cannot be overlooked. You will be able to admire brands like Artek, Arabia or Marimekko. The cityscape of Helsinki is a combination of Neoclassicism, Art Nouveau and contemporary architecture. This offers you a fascinating journey through the changing styles of the centuries.  Would you like to discover the nature or just need to relax after a day full of meetings?  You can find a lot of green areas where you can indulge in the beautiful nature. Water is an inseparable part of Helsinki. You can sense the proximity of the sea everywhere, as the city has over a hundred kilometers of shoreline and around 300 islands in its archipelago. On top of that, the city offers unforgettable culinary experiences. From the typical small, northern coffee shops, Michelin-starred restaurants, to popular food markets, you can find anything your taste buds desire.

Sunny Helsinki with the view of cathedral, ferris wheel, serviced apartments to rent

What to do in Helsinki?

More than 3000 events entertain visitors and locals throughout the whole year. Probably one of the most popular events is the so-called “Restaurant Day”. It’s organized by thousands of people four times a year. During the event, pop-up restaurants are opened in the whole city. People from all over the world get together to enjoy delicious meals.  A fun fact about Finland. It is often a norm to go to the sauna with a business contact, and discuss important company matters. However, many people may prefer privacy and rather go alone. Whatever you choose, make sure to use the saunas during your stay to discover the Finish spirit.  Want to get outside the city? discover all the wonderful districts.  Kruununhaka, Punavuori, Kallio, Vallila and Arabia in particular. You will be impressed by all the friendly people. They will equip you with their exciting insider tips, of course in fluent English. You can also take a 20-minute ferry ride to the 18th century fortress island of Suomenlinna or visit the medieval town of Porvoo, Finland’s oldest city. Another must-see is Kotka, the picturesque town, home to the Maritime Museum of Finland and the Maretarium.If you are planning to visit to Finland, make sure to check out the VISIONAPARTMENTS locations in Helsinki. We also offer superb apartments of different sizes to help visitors explore this fascinating city. The centrally located accommodation represents the finest Scandinavian design and comes at best available prices with a range of additional services to cater to every need.