How to Eat Healthy While Traveling for Business?

Business trips can be very exciting  

You can get out of the office while discovering new destinations. But these travels often come with unhealthy airport and street food and lavish client dinners that can quickly derail your otherwise healthy lifestyle. It is not unusual to have a tight schedule during one of these trips, and stress is another factor that might seduce you to eat unhealthy foods you usually don’t crave for. The key point is to prepare yourself well for your trip by also thinking about a healthy diet. How to do it and eat healthy? Follow our steps! Business trip

What to eat while traveling to your destination?

A business stay in another city is only one part of your trip, don’t forget the travel itself. Be sure to find out if healthy foods such as low-fat, low-calorie or vegetarian meals are available when getting from A to B. Try to avoid the peanuts and bring your own healthy snacks instead, such as veggies with hummus, whole-wheat crackers or fresh fruits.

Remember to stay well hydrated and keep your caffeine intake on a limit. You can also very easily take a lot of different items, depending on the length of your trip and also on how much room you have in your suitcase.  All the foods that don’t need immediate refrigeration make very good emergency meals and snacks especially when you are working long hours away from the hotel or your apartment later on. 

Find the right accommodation

Apartments are a great solution for you to stay at during your business travel. Furnished serviced apartments always have a fully equipped kitchen where you can easily prepare your own food, rather than opting for a fast food burger on your hotel bed in front of the TV. Plan in advance what you would like to eat, and stock your fridge accordingly. To book your stay at our business apartments today, click here

Find the right accommodation for your business travel

Look for a healthy solution

In case you cannot find any time for grocery shopping, you may consider meal kit providers such as HelloFresh, who deliver recipes and the quality ingredients, ready to be cooked, to your doorstep. Especially for trips for a week or longer, HelloFresh’s easy-to-make and healthy recipes are a great solution. How does it work? Just create an account on click here, and pick a plan depending on your dietary preferences, schedule and household size. They’ll deliver your HelloFresh box directly to your doorstep, free of charge. What’s more, you are always in control, as you can pause, modify or cancel your subscription anytime.

Avoid unnecessary food 

If you’re sleeping at a place with a minibar, stay away from it! They are usually filled with sodas, high-fat and calorie-loaded snacks as well as alcohol. Another bad habit is to order room service late at night, as you will not only have difficulties to digest it, but most likely you will also not get the peaceful rest you deserve. If you are hungry before going to bed, eat a small piece of fruit or veggie and drink some tea without caffeine to grant you a deep night’s sleep. Good herbal teas for the night are: chamomile, mint or ginger tea.

Other tips & tricks

Try to stick to your regular food schedule and plan to have meals when you usually eat. If that’s not possible, make sure to bring healthy snacks with you to avoid getting too hungry and catching yourself binge-eating later. During business lunches, do not only watch your portion size at restaurants, but also ask for nutrition information and tasty substitutes for fries and chips.

In addition to healthy food, you should also not forget to exercise during your trip. Not having access to your usual work-out facilities is not an excuse, because there are many other ways to work out. Running is not your thing? Don’t worry! Have you ever tried yoga? Yoga means ‘union’ or ‘connection’. It helps you relax and it’s  good for your health in general. You can easily find yoga centers in every big city around the world.

While all of this tips can definitely help you eating more healthy while traveling for business, the most important thing is not to stress too much if you will eat something that was on your “no-no” list. Remember that stress is the main cause of digestive issues. That means, you could be eating great, full of vitamins meals but because of stress, you’re not only impairing the absorption of your food but also put in risk your immune system.

eating on business trip

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