How to make Easter eggs and cards?

Easter  is right around the corner and it’s time to start your festive preparations. No worries – we have prepared some useful DIY solutions for you to create the nicest Easter eggs and cards! Some of them are more challenging and others very simple: you just need a piece of paper and scissors to create an impressive piece of art. Other materials can be easily found in every shop around the corner. Why DIY ideas? Who doesn’t like to bring back the memories from childhood, filled with joy and creativity? If you have kids this will be a great idea to spend time together! Don’t forget that Spring is here too. It can be a good start to prepare other decorations. Take a few minutes and have a look at the ideas we prepared for you! Happy Easter!

how to decorate easter eggshow to decorate easter eggshow to decorate easter cards


Embroidery eggs:

Painterly eggs

Gold animal eggs:

Simple abstract eggs:

Cactus eggs:

Golden marble eggs:

Lace wrapped eggs:

Bunny eggs:

Natural dyed eggs:

Dot sticker flower eggs:

Self-made card:

Hidden egg card:

Buttons card:

Rabbit card:

Muffin card:

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