Why should you establish your business in Berlin?

Germany is one of the most industrialized countries in Europe thanks to its highly educated population and resilient economy. What’s more important, Berlin’s business landscape is still very far from being a saturated market. It offers a safe investment environment that sparks creativity and offers uncountable opportunities. As a vital trading partner for many countries – Berlin is a choice for anyone wanting to expand their business.

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Why Berlin is a good place for your business?

The answer is very simple. During the past years this city has gone through a tremendous transformation. Starting from politics, arts, music, culture and lifestyle to business changes and new technologies – Berlin has seen it all. Today, it’s the perfect place for young, creative and ambitious people who want to turn their ideas into reality. Examples of the most successful startups located in Berlin:

  • Zalando (founded 2008): Online distributor of fashion articles, employing over 8,300 people. Annual revenue: EUR 2.2 billion.
  • Rocket Internet (founded 2007): Startup incubator focused on building new companies based on internal business models. Examples of successful launched companies: Foodpanda, Lindico, eDarling, Home24 and Zalando. Active in more than 100 countries, mostly in growth markets. IPO in 2014.
  • Soundcloud (founded 2007):  Online-music service to exchange and distribute audio files with more than 10 million users. The company was named Technology Pioneers 2013 by the World Economic Forum and the founders won the Europioneer Award from the European Commission.
  • Sociomantic (founded 2009): Ad-tech company, bootstrapped without external funding. Today, the firm counts 200 employees in over 20 locations globally.

Why Berlin is a good place for your business

A place where talent and innovation grow

Why should you start or move your business to Berlin? The city constantly attracts talents from all over the world, due to its opportunity-rich environment. Especially if you are looking for someone in the creative or business area, you will be able to choose from a big pool of candidates. You can easily connect to other entrepreneurs and create a valuable business network. On top of that, the city offers numerous co-working spaces that will support you to spark new ideas.

A melting pot of cultures and ideas

The big diversity in Berlin makes it an international city and a home to everyone, no matter where you are from. Furthermore, this melting pot is quite affordable and has one of the best public transport systems in the world. For more useful information on how to start a business in Berlin, visit the following websites:  IHK Berlin“Starting a Business in Berlin – A Beginner’s Guide” contains all important information needed by a start-up company in Berlin. It addresses questions as to what legal form you may choose, what taxes you must pay, what insurances you must think of and many more.”Service Berlin“A business registration is required, whenever an independent commercial enterprise (headquarters, branch office, dependent subsidiary) with fixed premises is newly established. This also applies if you are moving your business premises to Berlin from another federal state.”VISIONAPARTMENTS Shared Offices in Berlin

Few important facts about Berlin

While Berlin is not only a great place to conduct business, there are also some other facts that make it a memorable location. It is a cultural place full of art, music and diversity and full of other surprises. Let’s say… bridges! With around 1,700 of them, Berlin has more waterways than Amsterdam, Stockholm and Venice combined. You can also find foreign residents from over 190 different countries, meaning that in this multinational environment, only 1 out of 4 people grew up here.

This diversity is reflected by the restaurant sector. One of the most popular fast foods are kebabs; the stands can be found in every corner and around 60 tons of kebab meat are consumed each year! But this is not the only food fact you should know. Every year, around 70 million of currywurst are produced. What is that? It’s a fast food with steamed and then fried pork sausages, typically cut into slices with curry ketchup.

If you prefer to experience the elegant side of Berlin, you should watch an opera in one of the three beautiful opera houses that can host over 4,400 visitors. More than 150 theatres and halls for music and art events can be found here. During the warmer times of the year, you can also enjoy plenty of activities outside in the many parks. Berlin is Germany’s greenest city with over 44% of the city being green spaces.

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