What makes a great airport for your business trip?

Ready for your business trip? In the past, airports were simply a transport infrastructure, a waiting area before catching a plane. Today, things have changed significantly. Airports have become much more than that! With air travel in Europe growing at an impressive rate, the need for world-class airports is at an all-time high. The quality of an airport highly affects how you feel during your business trip, and depends on a variety of factors. These can be: parking possibilities, clear signage, shopping, culinary options and many more. Read this blog and learn now what to look for when embarking on a journey!

Everything is connected

Have you ever missed a plane, because you couldn’t make it to your gate on time? That’s very important especially during your business trip. Large airports often have the disadvantage of long distances between terminals. Therefore, it is crucial to have fast and efficient ground transportation in in the airport.

Many passengers rely on public transportation, so a good connection to the city is essential. This is not the only aspect where connectivity is needed. Nowadays, travellers expect to be connected to the rest of the world through fast, reliable and free WiFi. Of course, powering stations and places for private conversations shouldn’t be missing either. Especially for business travellers, this is extremely important. But that’s not all! Most of us use smartphones to check in, view travel information or change a flight. Therefore, the top airports in the world are well-equipped with mobile-friendly technologies, but also connect with the customers to make their journeys easier and stress free.

Everyone is welcome

The best way for the airport to correspond to its environment is to embody the local cultural context and welcome all visitors. Some of the top airports in the world have understood the importance of this. The facilities display the quality of life the cities offer. A great example is Singapore Changi Airport, where travellers enjoy small gardens and open spaces, representing the typical characteristics of Singapore. During a stressful business trip, such a place can be an oasis of harmony and relaxation! At Munich airport, visitors can indulge in traditional beer gardens in a grand plaza and get the local feel while travelling. Each world-class airport should reflect the best of its city, and be recognized by that by the passengers. Imagine you have to wait 7 hours for your next flight to come. What would you say for a yoga room, access to an outdoor park or even a small cinema? Wonderful, right?

The infrastructure is good

World-class airports are adapting to new technology, new bag-handling procedures and ever-changing aircrafts. It’s very difficult to predict what an airport will need in 20 or 30 years, so the best ones are already preparing for all the possible changes. It’s part of the stress-free and engaging environment that the world’s best airports cultivate. For example, passengers travelling through Helsinki can spend their time by visiting an art gallery or an aviation museum, engaging in a book swap, or viewing a scenic terrace. Very relaxing while you’re on business trip. Amsterdam’s airport is noted for its wide variety of leisure activities and offers a library, where passengers can cozy up with a good book while waiting for their flights. Zurich Airport offers bicycle and inline skate rentals as well as excursions to the Swiss Museum of Transport Lucerne.

businessman at the airport

Passengers needs come first

Great airports make sure that they keep their priorities on what matters to the passengers. This includes casual lounge areas, baggage updates, or even food delivery to the gate. Lots of airports also decide to use the key areas in the terminals for signage, not for advertising. This helps to avoid busy passengers getting distracted while rushing from one gate to another.

Benefit from airline reward programs

Almost every airline has either their own loyalty program or belongs to an alliance of airlines. If you are a frequent traveller also for your business trip – it is definitely worth looking into collecting valuable award miles. These can be used to book a rental car, stay at a hotel, shopping or for flight awards and upgrades. Miles & More is the biggest traveller loyalty program in Europe, and VISIONAPARTMENTS is also part of the program. Our tenants can collect award miles for bookings. If you have a certain amount of award miles, you also get exclusive access to the business lounges of Star Alliance – quiet relaxation areas, where you can enjoy a variety of free drinks and dining options. To freshen up after a long journey, you can also find showers in the lounges.


Anyone with a lot of status miles in their account fares even better – and in greater comfort, faster and with many privileges. The Miles & More programme provides for several different frequent flyer levels, all of which are valid for at least two years. When you first enroll, you become a Miles & More member. You will receive your regular Miles & More plastic card as soon as you have earned one award mile with VISIONAPARTMENTS or any of the other Miles & More partners. Your collected miles will then be credited to your mileage account. You will not need your temporary Miles & More paper card anymore after that.


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