Best Places to live and work in Switzerland

Switzerland is a country that can be overlooked easily because of its size. Nevertheless, it is not only a magnificent place to visit, but also to live. Nonetheless, choosing the right place to relocate can be a challenge. That’s why we created a guide for you to make the decision. Read our blog and discover the best places to live and work in Switzerland!


From breathtaking scenery to an almost flawless transportation system, Switzerland has it all. One of the most striking aspects of living in Switzerland is the proximity to nature. Even if your home base is in a bigger city, it will take you less than 30 minutes to find yourself in the middle of the countryside, on top of a mountain or on a picturesque lakefront. 

The second reason why you should seriously consider moving to Switzerland is the work-life balance. During lunch time, it is completely normal to jump into the lake and enjoy the sun. If you sit at your desk and eat, you might get scolded. And during your time off, you can find plenty of activities. The museums, exciting events or beautiful hikes will make you fall in love with Switzerland

The cuisine won’t let you down either. There is a fantastic selection of traditional Swiss but also Italian, French and German restaurants. Of course, you will most definitely enjoy the beer, wine and chocolate.

Zurich – One of the top cities in the world

According to Mercer’s 18th annual Quality of Living survey, Zurich ranked #2 out of 230 cities. But what are the reasons for such a high ranking? The city offers unforgettable events, a vibrant nightlife, diverse museums, a beautiful lake and much more. It’s also Switzerland’s center of education. Albert Einstein studied at the renowned ETH Zurich university. Although the city enjoys international recognition, Zurich is small compared to other major European cities.

The history of the prospering financial center goes back to the 17th century. The importance of Zurich as a financial hub has remained unchanged to the present day. You will find the Swiss National Bank in Zurich headquarters at the Bahnhofstrasse, one of the most elegant and luxurious shopping places in the world.

However, there is much more to this city – one part of it is definitely the hearty food. Zurich has one of the highest numbers of Michelin-starred restaurants in Europe. But it’s not only about the restaurants. Street food festivals, pop-up restaurants and the popular annual FOOD ZURICH Festival – your taste buds will get their fair share of entertainment!

What about the job market? One out of every nine jobs in Switzerland is in Zurich. 82 out of 208 Swiss banking institutions are headquartered there and hold a total of 85.1% of all assets in the country. Travel is another key industry: Over 100 hotel companies achieve about 2.5 million overnight stays every year, while Zurich’s airport transports 20 million passengers every year. This results in an exceptionally favourable employment environment, highly appreciated by locals and foreigners alike. Due to the city’s international flair, almost everyone is multilingual and speaks at least two languages next to English. So don’t worry if you are not completely fluent in German, you will be able to communicate with the locals!

Summer view of the Zurich downtown

Lausanne – Business and leisure all in one

Lausanne is the second-largest city on Lake Geneva. Even though it’s smaller than Geneva, it is almost equally multicultural, with 43% of the population being foreigners. You can hear a variety of languages next to the native French. With its developed and robust economy, Lausanne boasts a comprehensive range of industries and sectors that are bound to welcome expats from various parts of the world.  On top of that, a considerable number of renowned universities, such as the EPFL, teach students from all over the world. The fascinating town is home to many multinational corporations, the Federal Tribunal and the International Olympic Committee.

But what’s the best about Lausanne? The small city has an incredible charm! Its medieval old town, the narrow winding alleys and the impressive cathedral will take you back in time. Lausanne is very hilly, and the city naturally descends towards the Lake Geneva. But the beauty doesn’t end on the city limits. Many small villages with picturesque vineyards encircle Lausanne. 

Most events now take families to heart and Lausanne in particular hosts a number of family-friendly festivals throughout the year. There are also family-friendly mountain resorts, medieval castles and theme parks – all within easy reach. The city also offers plenty of shopping opportunities: From high street brands to exclusive speciality boutiques, Swiss shopping definitely has something to offer for everyone! You will find smaller shops in the older parts of the town and larger ones in newer areas of the city. It’s worth to work in Switzerland! 

Zug – The tax haven amidst the Swiss Alps

Located between Zurich and Lucerne and known as a tax haven, Zug is a sought after location for both private residents and head offices. The city is relatively small but very diverse; next to German, you will also hear a lot of English. This region also earned a nickname of “Swiss Crypto Valley”, with many fintech, cryptocurrency and blockchain companies.

Zug is surrounded by the mountains and Lake Zug – the perfect place to spend your free-time. Nature lovers and hikers will be able to enjoy the lakes, fauna and flora. Trips to the Zugerberg or the ruins of the Hünenberg castle, followed by a barbecue or picnic, are an acclaimed activity in summer. Furthermore — especially in Zug — ice hockey and skating are very popular; there is even an open air skate night on Mondays. The city also has a few clubs dedicated to expats, like Zug Rugby Club and the Unicorns Baseball Team.

housing in Switzerland

Vevey – The tranquil town with international importance

Have you ever dreamt of living in a tranquil city with mild climate, surrounded by vineyards and located directly at the lakeshore? The “Pearl of the Swiss Riviera”, Vevey, might just be the place for you. Even though the city is smaller than Geneva, Bern or Zurich, it can surely keep up with its winning charm! Vevey also enjoys an international reputation, being home to many different companies such as the headquarters of Nestle. A substantial number of excellent international schools make Vevey a first choice for plenty of expats. In this cultural melting pot, most of the population speaks French, Italian and Portuguese.

The city has always attracted many people: Also, the famous comedian, filmmaker and composer Charlie Chaplin spent his last 25 years of life here! You can easily find the monument dedicated to him right by the lakeshore or visit the house he lived in, which is also listed as a Swiss heritage site.



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