VISIONAPARTMENTS cleaning staff tablet application

VISIONAPARMENTS is focused on constantly improving the quality of service. We are always looking for innovations and creating new solutions to make a stay in our apartments an unforgettable experience. That’s why we created a tablet application dedicated to our cleaning staff. It revolutionized our operations in every VISIONAPARTMENTS property. Since its launch in 2017, VISIONAPARTMENTS has decreased the costs in the cleaning department by 40%!

Business needs

Before launching the tablet application, VISIONAPARTMENTS had a standard cleaning management system. Every day, the tasks for the staff were printed out, and every form had to be filled out manually. After the client’s checkout, our employees had to inspect the apartments. All the damages had to be reported personally or via e-mail. This was very time-consuming, resulted in a tremendous amount of paperwork and it was relatively easy to forget or miss some crucial information in the process. In addition, VISIONAPARTMENTS could not control the work of the cleaning staff and the actual cleaning times.

VISIONAPARTMENTS cleaning staff tablet application

First tests

These manual processes were a huge burden to the company. VISIONAPARTMENTS management decided to create an automated solution, ensuring higher efficiency and cutting down the necessary time and resources. Even during the testing period, with limited functionality of the app, we noticed a decrease in the average cleaning time and saved a great deal of paperwork.

Final results

After adjustments, the tablet application was finalized. The app is user-friendly and has a variety of functions:

  • Cleaning time: Every cleaning team member has a list of things to do and documents their cleaning time per apartment. It is possible to monitor which person is cleaning which apartment, so the staff feels more responsible for their work. Therefore, the quality and average cleaning time improved.
  • Inventory: The cleaning staff has a list of items that should be in the apartment. They can easily mark the objects that are not present anymore, or broken. This automatically informs the logistics team and triggers an order for a new product. The app also provides information on current promotions or special requests. Now, adding something to the list is now just a few clicks away. Before, such tasks had to be given in person and could easily be forgotten. The staff can also report any items left by the tenants, so we can quickly inform them about lost property.
  • Operations: When an item is missing or damaged, the sales department receives this notification with just a simple click on the tablet. They can then simply send information and charge the client – without any paperwork or phone calls.
  • Human Resources: The application delivers monthly reports about the cleaned apartments and the time spent cleaning. It enables the HR department to measure efficiency. Sick leaves and holidays are also saved in the application.

Measurable benefits

The tablet application brought us multiple benefits. The optimization of cleaning times and higher efficiency resulted in savings of 40% per year. With the new solution, the inventory can easily be controlled, and new orders triggered. This also resulted in saving of time, staff and money. This solution has a profound impact on our business operations, and was appreciated by the serviced apartments community, being nominated for the ASAP Innovation Award.

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