How to rent an apartment in Vienna?

Vienna is regularly ranked as one of the best cities in the world to live in. Unique cuisine, vivid cultural scene and architectural wonders make it a great spot for a short stay. Those who live there, praise the safety, cleanness, good commute and very low rents. It’s because making living in Vienna affordable is one of the priorities of the city’s administration. Thanks to that policy, accommodation in Vienna is plentiful and relatively cheap. The city owns over 220,000 flats, and one in four citizens lives in city-owned buildings. On the other hand, the starting cost of moving to the Austrian capital is massive. The landlords can ask for a deposit equaling from 3, up to 6-months (in case of fully-furnished, designer apartments) rent. The market is also dominated by real estate brokers. Finding an apartment without them is an arduous task. Agents can charge a one- or two-month commission fee for their services. This means you have to save a lot of money before even thinking of moving to Vienna for a long-term stay.

Where to live in Vienna

Where to live in Vienna?

Whether you are just going to Vienna to enjoy the sights or moving for a job, the first step is finding an apartment. For a city this big, Vienna does not have many skyscrapers and the residential cityscape is dominated by 4- or 5-storey buildings. For business and short-term stay, a natural choice would be the 1st district, the Innere Stadt. It’s the heart of Vienna Old Town, with most of the city’s landmarks. For the more “hip” vibe, we would recommend districts to the West and South of the city center. 4th, 6th and 7th (Wieden, Mariahilf and Neubau) are filled with modern art galleries, chic coffee shops and indie stores. If you move to Vienna with your family, you might prefer the quieter and greener outer districts like Döbling (19th) or Hietzing (13th). Even though they are quite far from the city center, you can still get there in about 30 minutes. When looking for a flat, you should avoid any location close to the Gürtel – a huge, multi-lane beltway surrounding the inner districts. It’s always loud and the traffic is heavy there.

Renting an apartment in Vienna – where to start?

Once you pick the neighborhoods and districts you want to live in, you should decide whether you want to look on your own or contact a real estate broker. While it’s possible to find an apartment in Vienna without an agent, it might prove difficult if you don’t speak German and don’t have unlimited free time. Agents can charge a one- or two-month commission fee for their services. Traditional rental contracts have a legal minimum duration of three years. Normally, after a year, the tenants gain the right to give a three-month notice and cancel the contract. You can also try to include an “expat clause” that gives you the possibility to end the lease with a shorter notice period.

Renting an apartment in Vienna – where to start?

Looking for an apartment in Vienna

In Vienna, most people carry out their real estate searches online. The most popular ads websites are:, and If you don’t speak German, you can try websites specifically aimed at expats, e.g. or There are some words you should pay close attention to while looking for an apartment online. If you don’t want to pay a fee to the agent, look for privat (private), provisionsfrei (without commission) and keine makler (no broker) ads. Landlords often require a proof of employment/income. They may also ask for references (from your employer or previous landlords). Just like in Germany and Switzerland, most Austrian apartments come unfurnished (Unmöbliert), usually just with the kitchen appliances. Remember to include a trip to Ikea or a flea market into your budget.

An alternative – renting a serviced apartment

If you lack the time to look for an apartment (or don’t have the money upfront), a temporary living solution is an ideal option. Serviced Apartments can represent a quick and easy accommodation, tailored to your needs. Serviced Apartments give you all the comforts of a home away from home. They are fully furnished and include a fully equipped kitchen as well as services like cleaning. All ancillary costs (water, heating, electricity, TV and internet access etc.) are included in the rent price. Washing facilities as well as a private letterbox are available too.


VISIONAPARTMENTS offers 21 apartments in the heart of Vienna’s center. It’s just a few minutes’ walk from both the Old City’s landmarks and the business hub of Leopoldstadt. A studio apartment rent starts at 1,890 EUR per month. If you rent a Serviced Apartment you don’t have to worry about anything. All furniture and equipment comes with it. You can book your apartment today and move in tomorrow. The company only needs a few contact details to prepare the contract and you will have to pay a small deposit, usually the amount of a monthly rent. The minimum rent period is 2 days. You can leave the temporary home whenever you like – without cleaning it or searching for a new tenant. This solution is particularly suitable for expats, people relocating from abroad or for a comfortable stay while searching for a long-term home.

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