How to set up a great home office

The possibility to work from home is an employee benefit quickly growing in popularity. Getting up later, no morning commute and your favorite coffee – what’s not to love? But creating a home office is not an easy task. Without proper preparation, you might quickly face a drop in productivity and disrupt your precious work-life balance. In this guide we will show you how to quickly and effectively create a work station at home to achieve the best possible results.

Equipment and supplies for your home office

First and foremost, before you start your home office odyssey, make sure your home has everything you need during your everyday work. A trip to an office supplies store might be necessary. Think about all the things at work that make your life easier: a second screen, a printer, a comfortable headset. Depending on your position, there are many devices and items that are indispensable in everyday work, and you will quickly start missing them if you’re working from home.

Build your home office

If possible, try to create a separate space for your home office. The best available option would be to have a separate room for your office at home. Avoid working in bed, on your couch or in other places you later spend time in, e.g. by the dining table. This will let you to separate your work-time from the time off. Try to make your home office as cozy as possible. Personal photos and flowers will make your workstation more comfortable. Plenty of natural light will help too. If you don’t like working in a cave, try to set up your desk near a window. You might also consider getting some kind of a storage for your work documents and devices. A simple desk drawer or a separate shelf above your desk should be enough.

Home office ergonomics

Working from home does not mean you should forget about office ergonomics. The key to the whole endeavor is a comfortable chair. Without it, you will quickly start missing your spot at work. Whenever possible, try to emulate the ergonomics you have there. Just to remind you: adjust your chair and desk so your feet rest firmly on the floor or – if you’re short – a footrest. At the same time, your forearms should be parallel to the floor and the top of your screen should be somewhere around your eve level. Nothing makes you hate your home office faster than a back pain.

Keep it professional

In the morning, start with the same routine as if it’s a normal day. Take a shower, eat a healthy breakfast, drink your coffee before you start working. Home office is not an excuse to get sloppy. The temptation will be strong, but try to dress up so you can get in the proper mindset. Not necessarily a suit and tie, but also avoid spending the whole day in your pajamas or tighty-whities. Frantically searching for a proper attire before a sudden business call is not a pleasant experience.

Work-life balance in the home office

Use the same task management system you do at work. If you don’t have one, a simple to-do list created every morning will allow you to manage your time and do everything assigned. Keep track of time. After a work day, declutter your desk from all the unnecessary items and documents, so you can return next morning to a clean workspace.

Working from home does not give you a clear cutoff between the worktime and time off. Your home office might tempt you to keep checking the work e-mails even after hours, but try to avoid doing that. A proper work-life balance is crucial, especially when you work from home.

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