Your staycation in Switzerland: 6 reasons to go on holidays in your own country

Due to COVID-19, the situation in many countries is still uncertain, with entry conditions and travel advice changing constantly. This can prove really troublesome for anyone who has been planning a long holiday abroad. Fortunately, you can travel within Switzerland with a clear conscience, provided you follow certain protective measures. For those well prepared, a relaxed summer holiday is still a very achievable goal!

Summertime is holiday time. For some people, however, this year’s well-earned holiday is falling through. Due to the global pandemic and corresponding travel restrictions, it is still advised against unnecessary travel abroad. But who said you cannot also spend a great holiday in your own country? We have put together 6 reasons why now is a great time to discover your homeland!

You’ll learn more about your heritage

You are Swiss, but know Paris better than Geneva? And you have climbed Mount Kilimanjaro but never crossed the Alps on foot? Then, it is definitely the time to explore Switzerland! See this opportunity as a way of discovering your country, your origins and even your own self. Because do you truly know who you are, if you don’t know where you come from? And let’s be honest – although Switzerland is a small country, there are so many breathtaking places to visit!

You’ll spend less time travelling, more time exploring!

One of the main benefits of travelling within Switzerland is that you don’t have to travel far. While travelling is part of the adventure, it can require a lot of energy. As a local tourist, you can hop on the train, bus, bike, boat or even hike and travel as little as possible. This leaves you more time for exploring! It will also save you high travel costs, as you will surely not spend any money on expensive car rentals or airplane tickets.

Spend more time exploring Zurich Vevey Zug Lausanne

On top of that, you completely avoid the risk of short-term border closures. All you need to do is follow the guidelines of the Federal Office of Public Health regarding hygiene and social distancing. This includes the compulsory wearing of masks on public transport. Fortunately, most facilities such as restaurants, cafés, swimming pools, museums, zoos, botanical gardens are open again and you can move around freely.

You’ll find the adventure in simple activities!

Jet-setting around the world might be very tempting, but sometimes it’s the simple things in life that can prove the most extraordinary! Instead of a first-class ticket to Singapore, you might have the perfect means of transportation in your shed: the bicycle! It’s nice to be outside; it’s active, it’s simple.

Adventure in Zurich, Vevey, Lausanne, Zug, Lucern
Additionally, it gives you the flexibility to put in a stop wherever you desire, stay a while, maybe even have a spontaneous picnic. The cycling route network in Switzerland is fantastically developed and it will take you through beautiful landscapes and picturesque towns. One such example is the road along the Rhône to Geneva, past charming vineyards and many lakes of all shapes and sizes. For those who prefer to hike, there are wonderful long-distance trails to explore, or you could venture on a pilgrimage following the Way of St. James, if you look for a spiritual journey.

You’ll discover our very own natural beauties!

Yosemite, Yellowstone, Grand Canyon… The dreams of so many travelers. But have you discovered our own national parks? Nature lovers will surely be interested in one of the many Swiss parks. There are breathtaking mountain landscapes and forests rich in fauna and flora.

Natural beauties of Zurich, Vevey, Lausanne, Zug

The Swiss National Park in the canton of Graubünden is the oldest national park in the Alps. There, everyone who wants to relax from the hectic life is guaranteed to get their money’s worth.

You’ll finally have the time to visit friends and friends!

Time to visit friends in Zurich, Vevey, Zug, Lausanne

In the fast-spinning world, it is now harder than ever to afford quality time with your friends and family. Why not spend holidays in your own country, and correct this situation? It is the perfect opportunity to catch up with your closest. You can plan some visits or perhaps even explore a new places with others? It is cheap and easy, and you are bound to have some bonding time.

You’ll reduce your carbon footprint!

Protecting the environment has become a serious concern for many people, and flying definitely has a negative impact on our planet. If you travel within your own country, your carbon footprint will be much smaller! You’ll also enjoy the actual journey much more, being able to admire beautiful landscapes, rather than being up in the sky with only clouds for you to see. If protecting the environment is an important consideration for you when planning a holiday, then looking a little closer to home could be the solution for you!

There are many reasons to enjoy travelling in your home country, and we have no doubt that once you get going, you’ll be able to add even more points to this list! If you need accommodation during your Swiss discovery trip, you can book your serviced apartment here.