First things first, what is a serviced apartment?

A serviced apartment is a furnished rental unit that has all of the amenities of home, such as a kitchen, laundry facilities and more. The space afforded by these apartments can often be much larger than what you’ll find in hotels at the same price point. This means that you have:

  1. more space for the same price
  2. fully equipped kitchen
  3. separate areas for eating, sleeping, working, etc.
  4. ability to host guests
  5. more room to move around, relax and stay comfortable

Serviced apartments often include separate areas for sleeping, cooking, working and entertaining guests if needed. This makes them perfect for families or groups with multiple people who want to stay together yet maintain their privacy (a common issue with hotel rooms). Let’s take a closer look to all the benefits you’ll have by choosing a this kind of accommodation over a hotel room for your next holiday.

Serviced Apartment in Basel

There is more than just a bed

This is one of the main reasons that furnished apartments are a great alternative to hotels. They often offer more space than hotel rooms, yet sometimes cost less and include more amenities. Apartments may include a living room, dining room and even a study area—all of which you can use to make your stay more comfortable while travelling. Some serviced apartments also have balconies or outdoor areas where you can enjoy a morning coffee or afternoon tea (or both!). And there is more! If you look for a business apartment, you can be sure you will find a comfortable area for you to work. Some buildings even offer access to modern, shared offices with strong internet connection so you can safely continue having private and professional online meetings.

You will have a fully functioning kitchen

If your staying spans over several days or longer, it’s likely that you will find it handy to have access to a fully functioning kitchen. This means that you can cook your own meals and save money by eating at home instead of eating out. That way you can continue your diet and choose all the ingredients that go into your food. There will be a fridge, stove, microwave and all the utensils that are needed to make food. And a dishwasher so you don’t have to waste any minute of your trip.

If you don’t feel like cooking, at least you can make use of the oven to heat your food and privately enjoy it in your apartment.

Serviced Apartment in Zurich

You can take advantage of laundry facilities whenever you want

If you want to travel light, without a lot of changing clothes, then you’ll definitely find useful to have access to fully equipped laundry facilities (washing machine and dryer). These vary in size and type, but they’re often free to use — or at least very cheap.

That way you can get clothes cleaned while you’re out exploring the city by dropping off your dirty garments before heading out for dinner or sightseeing — then collect them later in the day.

Its much easier to entertain guests

If you’re hosting a small gathering, then a serviced apartment is the perfect choice for your get-together. You’ll have more space than you would in a hotel room and you can use the kitchen facilities to cook up some food or prepare some snacks.

Serviced apartments are often located near restaurants and cafes, so ordering takeout won’t be too difficult either!

An apartment is private (unlike hotels)

A hotel room can be a great getaway, but it’s not the best choice for everyone. If you’re an introvert and need some alone time to recharge and enjoy some peace and quiet after an exciting day exploring the city, then renting a serviced apartment may be for you. Not to mention everything is automatic. You receive a code on your email and you can go straight to your apartment, without passing by a reception.

As with hotels, apartments are available on popular booking platforms—they’re often cheaper than a hotel room too!

Serviced apartments are a great alternative to hotels for stays of 30 days or even longer. Why? Because they’re more comfortable, better value and have more amenities. It is the best way to have a homey feeling while being away. It has everything you need to have a cozy, comfortable stay and feel like one of the locals (yes, you can have your own letterbox).

Yes, hotels might be the most popular solution out there. But if you ever have a prolonged business trip, you are relocating or just want to really explore a place, then you should definitely consider a serviced apartment for rent. It might be just a better tailored solution for you!



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