Christmas time decorations for your apartment

Discover new ways to decorate your tree. Looking for some last-minute Christmas ideas, that will bring the splendid sparkles to your apartment? Read our blog post and find out how to transform your apartment into a magic winter wonderland, where you and your loved ones will spend happy days, sing festive carols and enjoy delicious feasts. Simple and beautiful! There is a vast variety of Christmas tree decorations you can buy: some of them are very colorful, others more toned. Just pick your favourite colors and create a mix according to your personal taste. Don’t be afraid to use nontraditional colors! Pink elements with metallic gold will give your tree a modern and classy feel. Icy blue Christmas decor with the touch of silver, gray and gold will turn it into a fairy-tale dream. If you would like to underline the fragrance of your Christmas tree, you can always hang some…

10 Ways to give your apartment a facelift – without spending a fortune.

The feeling of change – we all have it sometimes. When you find some time after a long week of work and look at your apartment with the thought of changing it, get inspired by some of the tips below to give your place a fresh look. Oh, and don’t worry about the budget – new furniture won’t be needed. You don’t have to spend a fortune! A few minor adjustments in your home can sometimes make a bigger difference than a new table or an expensive chair. Less is more. Do you still need this shelf in the corner? When was the last time you used your guitar? Sometimes we don’t realize that by simply tidying up, your apartment will feel more roomy and welcoming. Start by sorting out the piece of furniture that gets used the least and free up some additional space. This also gives you a…

Trend Alert: How 3D printing turns interior design dreams into reality

3D printing also known as additive manufacturing is a method of creating structures that can be intricate like a spider web, hard like a stone or delicious like chocolate. It is an umbrella term for many manufacturing methods, making use of different materials that subsequently turn into parts of cars, aircrafts, shoes, drones, prostheses and, what interests us the most, 3D printed interior design. As VISIONAPARTMENTS likes to stay ahead of the pack and is always on the lookout for innovative solutions, we decided to take a closer look at the method that will soon be the bread and butter of any creation process.

Christmas decorations trends to light up your home

Christmas aesthetics seems to be governed by its own rules. In this special time of the year, even the most avid minimalists take a leap into the world of sparkle, glitter and fluff. By the end of December we are already tired of all the gloom and cold outside and hunger for something comforting and joyful. Christmas season comes to our rescue and cheers us up. Let’s give in to the Christmas charm and warm ourselves up by its glamour. We present you an overview of the most beautiful Christmas decorations trends of 2016.