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Top 10 Reasons to Choose a Serviced Apartment over a Hotel

  Choosing a place to stay in a new city? Deciding between a serviced apartment and a hotel can be difficult. The second one may seem like the easier option. From the other hand serviced apartments offer a number of huge advantages. That make them the most comfortable and cost-effective way to visit the city or use it during your business travel. Here are the top 10 reasons to choose a serviced apartment over a hotel !        

Business travel

What makes a great airport for your business trip?

Ready for your business trip? In the past, airports were simply a transport infrastructure, a waiting area before catching a plane. Today, things have changed significantly; airports have become much more than that! With air travel in Europe growing at an impressive rate, the need for world-class airports is at an all-time high. The quality of an airport highly affects how you feel during your business trip, and depends on a variety of factors. These can be parking possibilities, short queues, clear signage, shopping, culinary options and many more. Read this blog and learn now what to look for when embarking on a journey!

Business travel

How to Eat Healthy While Traveling for Business ?

Business trips can be very exciting   You can get out of the office while discovering new destinations. But these travels often come with unhealthy airport food and indulgent client dinners that can quickly derail your otherwise healthy lifestyle. It is not unusual to have a tight schedule during one of these trips, and stress is another factor that might seduce you to eat unhealthy foods you usually don’t crave for. The key point is to prepare yourself well for your trip by also thinking about a healthy diet. How to do it and eat healthy? Follow our steps!     What to eat while traveling to your destination? A business stay in another city is only one part of your trip, don’t forget the travel itself. Be sure to find out if healthy foods such as low-fat, low-calorie or vegetarian meals are available when getting from A to B. Try…

Business travel

Travel like a pro with these useful air travel tips

Travel tips for frequent flyers

For those who travel only for vacations, air travel might be an exciting thing. It means that a wonderful, carefree time is approaching – an escape from the normal life. An airplane is like a special spaceship that will take us to our promised land. Those who have to travel frequently for work are more down-to-earth, if not critical. Frequent travelling means hours spent on waiting or worrying that there is not enough time, stress about delayed or canceled flights, annoying people and waiting lines everywhere.   But it doesn’t have to be this way. You don’t have to give up on business travel, because after all it makes life so much more interesting. A better solution is learning a few tricks that will make your experience much easier, lower your stress levels, and ease the pain of business travel. Learn our travel tips for frequent flyers.

Business travel

How smartphone apps can make business travel easier

Best apps for business travellers

Organizing a trip by yourself is not a bed of roses, regardless of whether you are a business traveller or a tourist. There are a lot of things you have to figure out yoursef –  from accommodation, topography of the new city to restaurants serving your favourite food and cars for hire. Fortunately, there are many apps and online services that come to your rescue. Available both on Android and iOS and mostly free, it’s worth to have these business travel apps in your pocket.