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How smartphone apps can make business travel easier

Organizing a trip by yourself is not a bed of roses, regardless of whether you are a business traveller or a tourist. There are a lot of things you have to figure out yoursef –  from accommodation, topography of the new city to restaurants serving your favourite food and cars […]

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St. Moritz in the winter time

Best ski resorts for winter holidays in 2017

As a Switzerland-based company VISIONAPARTMENTS has always had a close connection to mountains. Mountainous landscape and wooden cottages have inspired our alpine-chic living concept “St.Moritz” which enjoys great popularity among our guests in Berlin and Zurich, and features many decorative items available in our Lifestyle Shop, like paintings and sturdy […]

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Professional bloggers reveal how they travel the world

For professional bloggers every journey is in fact a business trip. Even if they travel privately, they keep their camera on standby and eyes open for new, interesting places and experiences. Their lives may seem to be permanent vacations but don’t get fooled by the appearances – they also suffer […]

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Business Traveller at the Airport

The Secrets of Professional Business Travellers

In this age of mobility, many of us have to travel for work. Projects abroad, workshops, meetings with international clients have become a part of work rather than an exception. If you have ever been at the mercy of your airlines, waiting for a delayed flight bored to death or […]

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Business traveller at the airport

Top business travellers friendly airports in Europe

Even though airports are making great efforts to smooth the check-in, security and boarding procedures, travellers still spend a lot of time at the airports. Waiting lines, flight delays and cancellations are less painful when you know that airports offer facilities to help you spend time effectively and pleasantly rather […]

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Useful gadgets every business traveller should have at hand

Travelling on business is not as glamorous as people who don’t have to do it may imagine. Pursuing deadlines while moving back and forth from airports, meetings, hotels and then back to airports can be tiring. You waste a lot of time travelling between these places, especially as public transport […]

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How to choose a perfect suitcase?

Suitcases are a special kind of accessory. We usually don’t have several suitcases just like we have many shirts or dresses. With travel bags the case is different – we want to have a single, reliable piece that would serve us over time. This makes choosing the best suitcase a […]

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