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10 reasons to book your next stay in a serviced apartment

There is no secret that VISIONAPARTMENTS offers serviced apartments, both for short-term and long-term stays, but what are the advantages of staying in such accommodations? Below, you can find the reasons for booking your next stay with us: Strategically positioned: You can find our locations in convenient areas close to […]

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4 reasons why virtual meetings are no replacement for personal contacts

With the beginning of March 2020, businesses and organizations across the globe had to confront an enormously unusual situation – a deadly pandemic. Teams in every industry and field shifted (almost overnight) to the video conferencing technology in order to stay in touch, exchange information, dialogue and collaborate. Companies like […]

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Smart and safe on business trips – what matters now?

If you were going on business trips during the pandemic, you probably found several ways how to keep yourself safe. Being vaccinated against Covid-19 helps, but even if you did that, you could still feel anxious while traveling. It is probably not possible to eliminate every risk, but there are […]

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How to set up a great home office

The possibility to work from home is an employee benefit quickly growing in popularity. Getting up later, no morning commute and your favorite coffee – what’s not to love? But creating a home office is not an easy task. Without proper preparation, you might quickly face a drop in productivity […]

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Fête des Vignerons: Vevey Winegrowers’ Festival 2019

The year 2019 comes with a once-in-a-generation opportunity – the Swiss Fête des Vignerons (Winegrowers’ Festival), organized in Vevey, the heart of the Swiss Riviera. The Festival is a three-week long event paying homage to the people who harvest the grapes and produce the wine in the surrounding vineyards and […]

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What do you have to know before travelling to Frankfurt?

Frankfurt benefits greatly from its location in the midpoint of European Union. The geographic center of the EU lies about 40 km east of the city. Frankfurt is a major financial center of Europe, with the headquarters of – among others – European Central Bank, German Stock Exchange and Deutsche […]

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How to rent an apartment in Vienna?

Vienna is regularly ranked as one of the best cities in the world to live in. Unique cuisine, vivid cultural scene and architectural wonders make it a great spot for a short stay. Those who live there, praise the safety, cleanness, good commute and very low rents. It’s because making […]

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