How to rent an apartment in Berlin?

So, just like millions of people from all around the world, you want to live in Berlin. We are not surprised – it is, indeed, one of the most fascinating, vibrant and prospective cities in the world. However, renting an apartment in Berlin can be an extremely difficult process. Due to the increasing demand, the landlords can often pick from dozens of potential tenants, and their expectations (both in terms of rent and required documents) can make your head spin. You have to prepare for a lot of competition. If you are a newcomer, without the necessary documents, the chances of success are pretty slim. Depending on your luck, finding an apartment might take even over 3 months – and you still have to live somewhere during that time. Where to live in Berlin? Berlin is divided into 12 boroughs and 96 neighborhoods. It all depends on what you are…

Best Places to live and work in Switzerland

Although Switzerland is a country that can be overlooked easily because of its petite size, it is not only a magnificent place to visit, but also to live. From breathtaking scenery to an almost flawless transportation system, Switzerland has it all. One of the most striking aspects of living in Switzerland is the closeness to nature. Even if your home base is in a bigger city, it will take you less than 30 minutes to find yourself in the middle of the countryside, on top of a mountain or by a picturesque lakefront. 

Frankfurt for beginners – an introduction to VISIONAPARTMENTS’ new location

Frankfurt city guide

VISIONAPARTMENTS is excited to add Frankfurt to its portfolio this year. Before you book an apartment in Frankfurt, we would like to introduce the metropolis to you through the eyes of its inhabitants. The most international city and the largest financial center in Germany is characterized by its impressive skyline. It is more reminiscent of New York than of any other European location. Whether you stay on the banks of Main as a business traveler or as a tourist, you won’t feel like a foreigner in the melting-pot where almost one in three citizens do not hold a German passport. The open and hospitable atmosphere in Frankfurt stems from its centuries-old role as a trading center. Even today, regardless of where you come from, you will meet people there who speak your language and find a restaurant that serves your favorite food. It’s easy to get lost in such a multi-faceted…

Discover charming Swiss cities only a short train journey away from Zurich

Vevey St. Sulpice Zug the best Swiss cities

Even though it is surrounded by beautiful nature, towering Alps and a gorgeous lake, just like many other places in Switzerland, Zurich amazes visitors with its cosmopolitan spirit. Anyone who has followed our insider guide for Zurich will appreciate the city’s high living standards combined with tranquility and a little town’s charm. However, other Swiss cities also deserve attention and are attractive holiday destinations that are often yet to be discovered by the foreign tourists.