How to make Easter eggs and cards?

Easter  is right around the corner and it’s time to start your festive preparations. No worries – we have prepared some useful DIY solutions for you to create the nicest Easter eggs and cards! Some of them are more challenging and others very simple: you just need a piece of paper and scissors to create an impressive piece of art. Other materials can be easily found in every shop around the corner. Why DIY ideas? Who doesn’t like to bring back the memories from childhood, filled with joy and creativity? If you have kids this will be a great idea to spend time together! Don’t forget that Spring is here too. It can be a good start to prepare other decorations. Take a few minutes and have a look at the ideas we prepared for you! Happy Easter!

Why should you establish your business in Berlin ?

Germany is one of the most industrialized countries in Europe thanks to its highly educated population and resilient economy. What’s more important, Berlin’s business landscape is still very far from being a saturated market. It offers a safe investment environment that sparks creativity and offers uncountable opportunities. As a vital trading partner for many countries – Berlin is a choice for anyone wanting to expand their business.   Learn more about the benefits of this entrepreneurial town for your own company! The fastest growing startup ecosystem in the world According to the startupblink, Berlin’s diverse startup scene involves over 2,000 newly founded companies, with a new startup being launched every 20 minutes. According to McKinsey, Berlin has jumped into the top 10 global hot-spots for startups, and this business ecosystem is expected to create more than 100,000 new jobs by 2020. McKinsey’s forecast also states that Berlin will become Europe’s…

Discover 15 surprising Easter traditions around the world that will leave you amazed

Easter traditions around the world

With Easter on the horizon, many of us are looking forward to celebrate the traditions that have been perfomed in our home countries since centuries. Although we no longer believe in the Easter Bunny, the celebrations bring back the sweet memories of home and childhood. Over the years, we often leave our homelands and relocate to another country, but we still like to cherish the traditions from home with families and friends. We often find the foreign Easter traditions a little amusing, but Easter is all about joy and happiness after all. Take a look at our infographics displaying the most interesting and surprising Easter traditions around the world. 


Australia East Coast Journey

Some say, with Australia you get it all: the continent, the country, the island. It’s the land of kangaroos and crocodiles, hippies and surfers, cricket and Vegemite, Aborigines and Kylie Minogue. But for most Europeans it’s simply the “Unknown Southern Land”. To be fair, it’s really far away and the jet lag kills you but it’s all worth it! Read our travel journal along the East Coast, written by a VISIONAPARTMENTS employee.


In a few days the Olympic Games in Rio will start. For best possible preparations the track cycling team of New Zealand came to Zurich for an intensive training camp. While they were cycling on the open-air track in Oerlikon they stayed at VISIONAPARTMENTS. We’ve met two of the athletes, Sam Webster and Natasha Hansen, for an interview. Read about how they’ve experienced the city, what they say about traveling and what they are seeking in Rio.