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serviced apartment in Zurich

Top 10 Reasons to Choose a Serviced Apartment over a Hotel

Choosing a place to stay in a new city? Deciding between a serviced apartment and a hotel can be difficult. The second one may seem like the easier option. From the other hand serviced apartments offer a number of huge advantages. That make them the most comfortable and cost-effective way […]

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Why should you establish your business in Berlin?

Germany is one of the most industrialized countries in Europe thanks to its highly educated population and resilient economy. What’s more important, Berlin’s business landscape is still very far from being a saturated market. It offers a safe investment environment that sparks creativity and offers uncountable opportunities. As a vital […]

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Shared Offices Coworking Spaces in Zurich

Shared offices and coworking spaces break into the mainstream

Coworking is becoming an increasingly common style of work for professionals of independent occupations who share a common working environment. Freelancers and business travellers accommodated in one office appreciate the kick of synergy they get from working together. With walls of cubicles pulled down, employees can benefit from networking, draw […]

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