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Zurich by night, travelling to Zurich

What do you have to know before travelling to Zurich?

Zurich is the biggest Swiss city. Hundreds of global companies, institutions and organizations (e.g. FIFA, ABB and Credit Suisse Group) are based there. Nevertheless, by European standards it’s… quite small. Zurich has approximately 400,000 inhabitants, with 1.8 million living in the metropolitan area. This busy business landscape is combined with […]

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Fun facts about Zurich

How well do you know Switzerland? Here is a mix of informative and interesting facts to prepare you for visiting or living in Zurich!

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Best Places to live and work in Switzerland

Switzerland is a country that can be overlooked easily because of its size. Nevertheless, it is not only a magnificent place to visit, but also to live. Nonetheless, choosing the right place to relocate can be a challenge. That’s why we created a guide for you to make the decision. […]

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How to find an apartment for rent in Zurich

Zurich is one of the cities with the best quality of life worldwide. It’s most often praised for safety, stability and order. No wonder the Swiss metropolis is also one of the most expensive cities to live in, known for housing shortage. Everybody who’s ever rented an apartment in Zurich […]

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Your personal insider guide for Zurich

Zurich is both, a cosmopolitan city and a tranquil town, and offers one of the highest standards of living worldwide. What makes this city so special is the variety of the 12 districts. Thanks to Lake Zurich, the alpine panorama and the wide range of cultural activities, Switzerland’s largest city […]

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Shared Offices Coworking Spaces in Zurich

Shared offices and coworking spaces break into the mainstream

Coworking is becoming an increasingly common style of work for professionals of independent occupations who share a common working environment. Freelancers and business travellers accommodated in one office appreciate the kick of synergy they get from working together. With walls of cubicles pulled down, employees can benefit from networking, draw […]

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In a few days the Olympic Games in Rio will start. For best possible preparations the track cycling team of New Zealand came to Zurich for an intensive training camp. While they were cycling on the open-air track in Oerlikon they stayed at VISIONAPARTMENTS. We’ve met two of the athletes, […]

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Every year features some tourist destinations that are particularly worth visiting. Cities that otherwise may not seem like an obvious choice, get promoted to the rank of hottest attractions thanks to international festivals, museums, newly restored monuments and blooming summer landscapes. Take a look at our list of six top […]

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